Journey into a White World

The White World series of spherical plates is a journey into the borderland of great craftsmanship and pictorial artistry. Hung on the wall and richly sculpted with fabulous textures, the objects defy the functionality of traditional ceramic plates. They become pictorial statements that challenge the concept of both craft and art.

White and unglazed, the objects have an air of light ethereal beauty. The matte, dry, white surfaces, somewhat reminiscent of bone or ossified sea plants, joined with the constant form and size of the plates, set a pure white scene for an amazing textural investigation.

Like a researcher, Lone Skov Madsen explores the effect of different textural structures on the backdrop of circular forms. This is also a celebration of the ceramic material and process.

Employing simple tools, she creates fascinating, and often complex, textural landscapes consisting of thin strands of clay, some short and some long, cut and arranged in subtle variations. Each plate assumes a unique texture; one is like slashed straw, one like curled yarn, another like billowing sea grass. The objects contain an intriguing ambiguity. They are clearly made by the human hand, yet appear strangely otherworldly. The texture is organic and life-like, yet also ossified and utterly still. The pieces are pure and white, yet made of the clay of the earth.

Lone Skov Madsen views the round form as an ideal focus of her work. The circle has many connotations and a wide frame of reference; moreover, the circular plate is an archetypal form with a universal appeal. Here she transforms this everyday item into an art object by rendering it unusable and imbuing it with the status of sculpture.